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1. But I like Word and Excel?

With UPrince all project information is centrally available. With smart connections, UPrince make maximum use of existing enterprise applications.
For example, with Excel, you can manage tasks, actions, decisions and risks. With Microsoft Word, you can write the minutes of the meeting, distribute through Outlook and follow-up in Excel.

2. Are my projects not too small?

All projects have to deal with problems, risks, stakeholders,…
Before you tackle the larger projects, it is good to learn the profession by completing a number of issues, incidents and smaller projects successfully. You gain the required experience for the bigger boys

3. Yet another project management platform?

Many PM Tools have a focus on product development. They take care of the planning of the team and the monitoring of budgets.

UPrince is complementary in a way that UPrince requires the product-development information as input for the communication with the business management.

The information the steering committee requires to make fast and profound decisions.

4. Won't it be too much work?

UPrince increases the productivity with at least 25%
– The meetings are focused and efficient.
– All project information is centrally available.
– New members are in no time “Up to Speed”.

5. I'm afraid I don't have enough PM experience...

To maximise added value and really be helpful we made it template based so the platform actually takes you by the hand and makes the project a success.

6. How will we get our own team to use this software?

UPrince is a user friendly application that encourages collaboration. Together, the possibilities and the benefits experienced, encourages the use within the team and the organization.